Meet Gill

Hi, I'm Gill!

I am a ...

music junkie, sometimes writer, classically trained piano player, dog lover, self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, photography fanatic, world traveler, fitness enthusiast, literature geek, computer engineer, grad student 

and now ... business owner???

I doodle on my iPad all the time as a form of stress relief (to avoid curling up into a an armadillo...get it?), and I've always loved crafting in pretty much any form - drawing, watercolours, crochet, tie-dye, macrame, clay, etc, etc - but I never really thought about channeling my artsy side into anything besides a hobby. 

Now I've got Armagillo Design Co. and I'm so excited to share it with you! I hope my prints, stickers and various other accessories bring you a little bit of joy. I can never really seem to stick to one medium, so expect new products in new forms coming in the future!

If you do buy anything from my shop, I'd love to see you with it! DM or tag me on instagram (@armagillodesignco) so I can share the experience with you :)

Much love,